DCTV Interview Jack Delosa from The Entourage

Jack founded The Entourage in order to actualise his vision to push civilisation forward by enabling more people to live a life on purpose.

Entrepreneurship is a vehicle that enables people to live in alignment with their highest purpose and values. It empowers people to design a life that is meaningful to them and leave their fingerprint on the world. 

How Jack and The Entourage define entrepreneurship breaks away from traditional finance centric ideals. Rather than focusing on the pursuit of finance, Jack speaks to the idea that entrepreneurship is a spiritual endeavor and a vehicle for contribution. 

The most significant advances in history have been made by individuals who have realised that tomorrow does not need to look like today. Every person has the power, at any time in their life, to rewrite their future and impact the world. The Entourage exists to enable people to do this. Jack comments regularly on issues relating to business, innovation and entrepreneurship. His most revered topics include: How to start a business? Is formal education still relevant? Why you need to question everything? What is the value of a degree?

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