DCTV Interview with Tyler Tolman

About Tyler Tolman: When he was growing up in Spokane, Washington, he was the kid with boundless energy-always running around and playing outside with his friends. As he was growing up, he never really became ill like all my friends, even though he didn’t have any vaccinations.

As a result, he became sceptical about doctors and the medical establishment, and began to consider the concept of whether it was actually better for his health to simply lead a natural lifestyle.
he started to eat only natural super foods, raw foods and vegan food noticing that whilst many of his friends started to put on weight, he stayed healthy and active.


At the age of 12, he spent the whole summer with his father who lived on 200-acre farm in Salem, Missouri. It was the best summer of his life.

His father - Don Tollman, taught him about a different way of life and he started him off on his spiritual journey. His father would hold retreats for groups of people and teach them about how the body is a temple and how they needed to take better care of it. He also taught them about such concepts as the Doctrine of Signatures.

Tyler saw first hand the change in these people after they had been on one of his fathers retreats. They became healthier, and he even witnessed how some of them overcame their illnesses such as diabetes and osteoporosis through applying the principles that his father taught them.


Over the years he began to research more into his father’s teachings such as detoxation diet. water fasting. super foods diet and much more. He began to devour numerous books on the subject learning through the teachings of Pythagoras. Plato. Einstein. Hippocrates. and the ancient Egyptians.

After years of research and through applying what he learnt to his own life. It’s his belief that being able to lead a happy life that is free from disease is easy to attain. The way that we are brought up has meant that we’ve lost track of the truth and its my win to change this.

He currently lives in Bali Indonesia with his wife Rachelle and baby girl Seaenah.

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